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Amazon Web Services

We provide consulting service and solutions from taking your StartUp business idea to a "concept" to designing, deploying and managing your AWS.

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Google Cloud Solutions

How do you kickstart your App development? We will help you understand how to utilize Google Cloud Solutions, big data and Cloud Storage that will help you launch your Startup

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Big Data

For Startups that need to make sense out of their Big Data requirement our expertise and big data solutions will help you launch you Big data product.

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Modeling an Agile Iteration

Iteration modeling begins at the start of each iteration as part of the overall iteration planning. Typically you do some initial requirements and application designing at the beginning of the project, and you do iteration modeling with brain storming and "Just in Time" principles to further drill down the requirements and design throughout an iteration.

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Test Driven Development in a Startup

Test early and test as often as possible

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Agile Retrospective Meeting

Why you should have a Retrospective meeting at the end of every Iteration?

Sprint Retrospective Meeting is meant to provide the opportunity to identify positive and more importantly negative factors your team has recently encountered, prioritize them with respect to impact on team performance and take measures to promote desired ones and remove or at least contain the negative ones.

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Change the way you Collaborate.

We are in the process of building an online tool that lets you manage a small Team and execute project using Agile-Scrum development framework, it lets you maintain a Testing Regression Framework and deliver Quality product on time.

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